Do you remember HotStrings?

HotStrings started out as an acoustic band formed from three (3) groups of friends who attended the same high school, Columban College, based in Olongapo City, Philippines.

HotStrings eventually became a vocal group instead due to lack of musical instruments and audio equipment at the school.

The first wave was started by Gina, Tony, and Al.

The second wave was formed by Jing, John, Bok, Ogie, Agnes, Shie, and Yen.

The third wave happened when Jun and Tiff joined and finalized the lineup.

HotStrings listed twelve (12) members:
Agnes (Soprano, Pianist)
Al (Baritone, Guitarist)
Bok (Baritone, Narrator)
Gina (Alto, Choreographer)
Jing (Tenor, Guitarist, Pianist, Arranger)
John (Tenor, Choreographer)
Jun (Tenor, Trumpeter, Arranger)
Ogie (Baritone, Guitarist)
Shie (Alto, Guitarist)
Tiff (Soprano, Choreographer)
Tony (Tenor, Guitarist)
Yen (Soprano, Choreographer)

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